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MCS Foundation Pillars

Our Approach


The MCS Foundation mission calls us to improve the health of the communities we serve. At MCS Foundation, we take a broader view of “health” expanding it beyond just health and healthcare, to include other Social Determinants of Health, such as those espoused by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

The focus of our efforts is on three of these determinants: health and healthcare, education and economic development/stability.

Health and healthcare

The overall health of a human being goes well beyond access to health care. Health starts where we live, work and play. Many factors contribute to overall health such as access to clean water and avoidance of extreme heat, especially for the most vulnerable in the population. We seek projects that promote overall physical and mental wellness, as well as those that mitigate the impact of negative environments and improve conditions in the neighborhood, fostering social networks or improving knowledge about healthy choices.


Many studies have demonstrated a direct linkage between education and overall health. Starting with early childhood education and development, improving literacy and language skills, graduating from high school and finally achieving some level of higher education and beyond, all contribute to a person’s overall success and health. We seek partnerships and projects focused on lifting people out of poverty or other negative circumstances by giving them the skills they will need to thrive in the world.

Economic Development

Employment can lead to improved economic circumstances, which in turn can provide a family with access to stable housing and food security, not to mention the overall family’s improved emotional and mental health which comes from improved circumstances. We seek projects that drive overall employment and economic stability such as those providing job training and support to small businesses and entrepreneurs.