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Grants and Programs

How to obtain funding

We look to support initiatives consistent with our
Vision, Mission and Values and within our pillars of health,
education and economic development. Our screening process
is divided into two steps: Entity Evaluation and Proposal Evaluation.

Entity Evaluation

To qualify to receive a grant from us, an entity must demonstrate financial stability, tax-exempt status, and pass a conflict check, among other criteria. If your organization is interested in being evaluated for a current or future grant, please submit the following:

  • Entity description (vision, mission, values, impact in the community, population served, etc.)
  • Current financial statements (audited preferred)
  • 501(c)3 determination letter
  • Form 990 and/or equivalent
  • Board of Directors or Trustees listing with affiliations

We give priority to entities which have demonstrated the ability to reach measurable results and those with which we can engage directly to observe the impact of our support.

Proposal Evaluation

From time to time, we issue Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) consistent with our mission and campaign focus. Proposals are not generally accepted outside the timeframes of RFPs, although entities are encouraged to seek Entity Evaluation at any time during the year to join our approved list.

Projects proposed are carefully evaluated by the MCS Foundation team and the Foundation’s Board of Directors according to the criteria established in the RFP or through other means and consistent with our pillars and mission. We give preference to projects which contemplate measurable results and those where we can engage directly to observe the impact of funds.